Me, the body

I seem to have pretty bad luck when it comes to my health. I swear that I’m absorbing everyone’s chances of having nasty conditions so that they don’t have to suffer.

Here’s what I’ve dealt with most of my life:

  • Asthma – exercise & allergy induced
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis – congenital but didn’t start flaring up until I was 17
  • Random allergies, all discovered after the allergy attack started: penicillin, amoxicillin, reglan, ethromycin.

Random, acute conditions:

  • Ovarian cysts – always on the right ovary (in fact, for a while, some doctors thought I didn’t have a left ovary at all!)
  • Gall bladder (Dec. 2007 – August 2008): had all the classic symptoms (URQ pain after eating, nausea, pain during HIDA scan, acid reflux), but every test came back within normal ranges. Doctors finally performed exploratory surgery in August and found a tiny lump of tissue (not cancerous) on the backside of my gall bladder. My gall bladder was evicted that day and I’ve been fine ever since.
  • Appendix (December 2008): I was playing WoW one night and felt quite sharp pains to the right of my belly button. The pain increased dramatically if I coughed or pushed on the area. I immediately suspected appendicitis; my HUSBAND’S GRANDMOTHER had been in the hospital just a month prior for appendicitis, so I knew what symptoms to look for. However, everyone I talked to assured me that it wasn’t appendicitis because “the pain is so intense, you’ll KNOW it’s your appendix”. I went to bed & woke up at 6am in excruciating pain. I went to the ER and, of course, had normal results on my CT scan. My doctor didn’t want to discharge me, though, in case it was appendicitis, and admitted me for overnight observation. Around 7pm the night doctor checked on me and saw that my pain was escalating much faster than either Morphine or Demerol could keep up with and suggested that I have an emergency appendectomy that night. I remember sobbing in the hallway outside the operating theatre; at least with my gall bladder, I’d had a chance to talk to my FAMILY in the event that the surgery didn’t go as planned. This emergency appendectomy didn’t allow for that. I survived, obviously, and ended up sitting on a couch Christmas morning, penned in by my HUSBAND and FATHER (usually I run around at Christmas and distribute presents. I was in too much pain to do that this year but I tried, anyway).
  • Kidney stones (2009/2010). Severe stone attacks in the right kidney even though the stones themselves are tiny. Doctor is still researching to find the cause. I’m in so much pain that I only sleep two to three hours a night.

I was on Yaz birth control from fall 2007 to March 2010. Most of these health problems have occurred while I was on Yaz and there is a class-action lawsuit against Yaz because of its incredibly nasty side-effects. I am considering joining the class-action lawsuit because it’s far too coincidental for so many things in my body to fail in such a short period of time.

Random fact: my medical maladies always occur on my right side. Also, most ‘gold standard’ diagnostic tests don’t work on me (HIDA for my gall bladder, CT scan for appendix). The kidney stones & ovarian cysts, though, behaved.


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