Oh, hi

So I’ve decided to graduate to the big kids’ world by transferring my old LJ over to a WordPress blog. I’m still learning all the fun things that WordPress can do; I’m sure that I’m missing some awesome features.

So, bear with me.

Feature: I will not use people’s proper names because I respect their desire to maintain a degree of privacy in their lives. What I will do, though, is assign them a title or nickname and put that title or nickname in ALL CAPS.

Also, to help those who I’ve befriended online get to know me, I will attempt to end each post with a random fact about me. You see, I find a lot of joy out of doing completely random things. One of the more recent bits of randomness I did was look up at my HUSBAND and ROOMMATE, around 8pm, and say “Hey, let’s go to the beach”. Keep in mind that even though it’s Florida, it is still really freakin’ cold out at night, especially on the beach. There was also a constant breeze that night. We stood out there for maybe 10 minutes (I even took my shoes and socks off and ran into the water. I immediately screeched some random obscenity and ran back onto the sand) before going back home.

Random Fact O’ Me: My sense of smell is just plain awful. Nine times out of ten, if someone turns to me and asks if I can smell such-and-such, my answer will be no.


~ by aevorea on 2010/04/08.

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