I start a new and better job in 3 weeks (March 17th). I escape the hellish environment in which I’ve been laboring for two years and ye gods, I cannot wait.

How hellish, do you say? Well, here’s an example:

When my dad passed away and I was out for a little over a week (using grievance leave as per human resources’ protocol), my boss went through my desk, rearranged parts of it and then lectured me about how “things built up” in my absence. Not once did he express condolences or say that he understood if I needed some time to myself that first day back. At no point during my grievance leave did he take over the duties that I do, even though he had ample free time (he plays Solitaire on his computer all day). No. I got bitched at. Apparently it was irresponsible for me to be out so long and that I had violated Human Resources’ policies (I repeatedly asked how but was never told). Even though I was extremely displeased with my work situation before that, that specific incident is what completely broke me.

There are many, many more examples. Like how often I’m reduced to tears at work because BOSS screams at me for being insubordinate, when in actuality I’m exactly following the directions that he’d forgotten he’d told me about. Like how many times I have to drop what I’m doing because he’s lost a very important document and it’s MY fault, somehow, so by the gods I have to find it (9 times out of 10, it’s sitting on his desk, in plain view). Like how he makes a point of telling customers to speak to him because ‘she’ (and I’m the only female in that department) doesn’t know anything (yet most customers call back & specifically request to speak to me because I’m friendlier and more helpful; a few weeks ago, a customer came in and my boss told her that we had nothing she could use for her project. I pulled her over and found so many things that she could use that she ended up staying all day and came back the next). Like how he can’t remember what my job actually entails (my predecessor died suddenly and my BOSS is extremely elderly), yet lectures me and ridicules me and even punishes me because I’m not completing all of my job’s duties.

And in three glorious weeks, I am free.

Free. Free. Free.


~ by aevorea on 2010/04/22.

One Response to “Freedom”

  1. sounds like a horrible boos, i’m glad you found a new job. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, it’s much appreciated 🙂

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