With the news that another family member has suddenly passed away, I immediately launched into sympathetic mode. I was returning a favor, since they had been so supportive of me when my father passed away last year.

Or … were they?

In that instant, I realized that despite so many details being burned into my memories, so many others were simply gone. Most of these details dealt with the days following his death. I remember people reached out to us, sending cards and stories and support. But that’s just it … I remember that people did it. Not persons. Not individuals.

And now, guilt hits me. I hope that I had thanked these sympathizers. If I hadn’t, they probably will never hear my gratitude.

Random Fact: Dad and I used to play various games (checkers, chess, chinese checkers, etc.), watch 1950s science/horror movies together, and play NES & SNES video games together. It was our little ritual, our bonding time. To this day, some of my favorite activities revolve around these interests. I am my father’s daughter.


~ by aevorea on 2010/04/23.

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