Just a few more days until I leave this place. When I realize just how few days are left, I am overwhelmed with joy. However, serious lethargy has set in – I know I should be a good little worker and continue doing every task until the very end. A huge part of me, though, just wants to give up and basically occupy space until that last day.  The nature of my work deals with many daily tasks and several huge projects (usually writing inventories for the materials we store). My BOSS, however, is so … overwhelmed? lazy? ineffective? … that oftentimes a work-in-progress is completely abandoned when the inventory writer leaves (which is also why it’s both a blessing and a curse to allow volunteers or temp workers). I’m far too early in my project to hope to complete it in a week. Continuing to work on it, or writing extensive notes regarding its continuation, will both prove useless because no one will pick it up, at least not while BOSS is still in charge.

As much as it is poor form, my absolute misery is winning out. I am still getting work done, just much more slowly and with markedly longer breaks to surf the internet. And every time BOSS wonders over to gossip, I have to fight interrupting him with “Can you please stop? I’m trying to get work done and it won’t matter to me in a week, anyway.”

Random fact: I’m an excellent organizer and cleaner, as long as it is not my space that needs to be organized or cleaned. When my dad passed away, I started an all-out assault on my parent’s house. My house? Let’s just say that we moved into it two years ago and only this past weekend have things finally been unpacked/shoved onto shelves in a closet/thrown away. I’ll post before & after pictures later (*mumble mumble* have to find camera & camera cord *mumble mumble*). Hey now. I warned you that I’m an awful straightener/cleaner of my own things!


~ by aevorea on 2010/04/29.

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