Just stop…

Yes, I’m talking to you, ovaries and uterus. Stop with your painful cramps that feel as though the ovaries are boxing the uterus. Seriously, that’s just plain rude.

My fail OBGYN prescribed Ponstel , which doesn’t even touch the severe cramping. In fact, the only medication strength that has worked were narcotic pain relievers (figured that one out because I had left-overs from one of my surgeries and took one because I thought my brain would ooze out of my body as a way to escape the pain) but I know she’ll never issue me a prescription for that. “You’ll get addicted to pain-killers and cramps are never painful enough to justify that prescription.” Again – when my brain tries to leap out of me to escape the pain … I think I’m in a great deal of pain.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my father the past few days. How much I miss him, how much fun we had together, how similar we are in terms of humor and interests and whatnot, how hard he fought his pancreatic cancer and how much some family members disparaged his efforts. I’d also read this news article, where the UK’s Cancer Research center believes they’ve found a therapy that cures a person’s cancer. And that part of me that’s become bitter thought of how long it will take to get that therapy approved (if ever) because of how profit-centric the health industry has become.

On the other hand … 13 minutes into my last week of work and most of those 13 minutes have consisted of utterly inane ‘jokes’ about the BP oil spill. I mean, if someone’s going to interrupt my work with humor, at least make it actually funny. What’s so annoying is that since BOSS is mostly deaf and also thinks that his jokes are the funniest things in the world, he will cackle at a volume that can probably shift the bricks in my office wall. Because of his memory issues, he will then repeat the supposed punch line two or three times, each time accompanied by more cackling.

Random Fact: Much like my father, I love working during ‘off’ times (like nights or weekends). I’m a night person as it is and it’s so nice to me to work four 10-hour night/weekend shifts so that I don’t have to use my accrued leave time just to sit in a doctor’s office for 2 – 6 hours. I’d rather use my accrued leave to take a vacation!


~ by aevorea on 2010/05/03.

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